6 Simple Ways To Boost Office Productivity (No more distractions!)

It is always good to know that at the end of the day that you have accomplished everything necessary in the office. It gives a feeling of satisfaction that makes an employee motivated to go to work the following day. If you are having challenges in the office as far as productivity is concerned maybe it is about time you follow some simple tips that can make your office job easier to manage and boost your productivity.

Not how you want your office desk to look like...
Not how you want your office desk to look like…
  1. Remove Mess. First and foremost, it is important to declutter and remove unnecessary materials in the office especially on the table. Make your office a comfortable place to work in so you will not feel like you are trapped in it. Keep things simple. Everything should be in its proper place and neatly arranged. Accept it or not, time is wasted looking for needed materials when things are disorganized in the work place. This can also disrupt momentum of creativity and enthusiasm. Imagine not knowing where things are when you most need them. It feels light too to work in a place that is tidy and neat.   Make sure to make everything organized so your office will not look like a construction work in progress. Admit it, no one wants to work in a cluttered place let alone be in it.
  1. Remove Distractions. Eliminate things that can disturb your focus and there are many. Nowadays, you see everyone checking out mobile phones every now and then. You do not realize that precious time is taken away from your work time. Of course it is important to have your mobile phone always for emergencies but make sure to veer away from unnecessary phone time.

It will also help to work offline sometimes unless your job requires you to be online. The internet has become a number one distraction in this time and age. Everybody is online browsing on what can be browsed as it is so easy and tempting to click the mouse and see what information lies ahead even when one does not have a need for that information.

It pays to always plan ahead or to look at some random papers in office.
It pays to always plan ahead or to look at some random papers in office.
  1. Plan things ahead by noting down the tasks that are urgent and necessary to be completed first. Some tasks are important but there are tasks that are urgent and therefore need to be first on the list of completion. Have a list of things to do on a day-to-day basis and make sure to follow what is on the list. Planning things ahead of time is a sure way to have everything done on expected time-frames. This prevents you from regretting and grunting at the end of the day that this and that should have been done first instead of this and that. Deadlines are most likely to be met when tasks are planned ahead. An excellent book to read in this regard is David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done‘. Its a really awesome book for prioritizing and getting shit done.
  1. Communicate Well. A lot of time is saved and used for more important things when you are able to communicate well with concerned people. Learning the art of effective communication enables you to successfully get your message across and get what you want. Communicating in clear and simple words and checking if the person you are talking to is able to grasp what you are saying add to your efficiency as you prevent yourself from repetitions and therefore save time.
Rest your bones
Rest your bones
  1. Have a Break. Do not get yourself strained too much by working long hours and not taking a break to complete a task. Take a breather to get energized to continue working. Being in the chair for 8 to 10 hours straight will leave you with less energy for the day. Have a cup of steaming hot coffee why don’t you or take a short walk and buy a sandwich. In the name of having a break you are excused and may allow yourself a little distraction by checking on your phone for messages. You may also check some of your social media accounts for a diversion. Share a joke with a colleague and have a good laugh. You will surely find yourself refreshed to finish your task after.
  1. Have Passion for What You Do. The most effective way of hyping your productivity is loving what you do. Your motivation then for being productive is coming from within so that improving productivity will not be an effort at all. It is said that if you find a job that you love doing then you will never have to work a day in your life. Yeap, this could be the best piece of advice ever. No amount of productivity hacks will help you if you hate your job. If you find yourself hating your job, its time to show the middle finger to your boss (get your alternatives secured first of course!)

Try following these simple tips and find your office productivity increased in no time.

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