One Easy Trick To Reduce Workspace Distractions

Your brain is like a caged up monkey that struggles and jumps from place to place. You’ll find that this is especially true when you attempt to concentrate or focus at one task fully. You can try to exercise discipline and ‘control’ the brain but that takes a lot of time and willpower. A simpler solution would be to remove and reduce distractions at your work desk.

Imagine how your work place looks like right now – perhaps you’re even staring at your workplace. What is the ‘energy’ or impression that it gives you? Is it messy? Zen? Colorful? Calling for attention? How about your computer screen? How many tabs are open? How many apps are open? I hope you see where I’m getting at with this. The point is there is always something you can do to remove distractions.

Also, how many times do we find ourselves sitting there just waiting, (no, hoping) that an email comes in or someone walks in? How often do we find ourselves refreshing that inbox or Facebook feed? In this digital age, our brains are already increasing wired for distraction so we need to be aware of it and nip it in the bud when we need to get things done.

When you need to get work done and need to concentrate fully, do this: put your mobile phone in your locker or the other side of the room. If this is not possible, put it in the drawer furthest away from you and close it.

Make distractions harder to creep up on you.

Look, your brain has only a finite amount of energy and when faced with choices it will almost always choose the easier and lazier route. So it craves distraction, it needs breaks and will always look for a chance to rest. While it is good and even necessary for you to take a break, we should not be over-doing it.

Remember, when you’ve fewer things to react to or respond to, you naturally cut out huge sources of distraction. What else can you change in your work-desk or work station to remove distractions?

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