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To survive in a world that already boasts luggage heavyweights such as Briggs & Riley, Samsonite, and Tumi, any new company needs to be pretty special. Standing out from such an illustrious crowd requires a product that is innovative, practical and, above all, looks the absolute business. Although it is a little early to tell, what with the product not yet released and all, we reckon the Bluesmart carry-on ticks all these boxes, and then some.

Bluesmart was founded in 2013 by like-minded individuals who wanted to come up with the ultimate in travel accessories. Judging by the remarkable Indiegogo campaign that raised over $2m, more than 10,000 backers think they have done just that. At the time of writing, the launch date is expected to be December 2015 and so the final specifications are not yet confirmed. However, the pre-release literature has a comprehensive list of the planned features. Here are some of our favorites…

Stunning Looks

Convention dictates that production costs make it difficult to mass-produce something that is essentially a medium sized box, without it looking like one as well. One glance at the press photos is enough to see that the Bluesmart has told convention where to get off. Rounded surfaces, matt-effect materials, and blue trim have combined to give the case an ultra-modern look. And then there are the hollow wheels, whose contrasting electric blue resin ought to be enough to sell the bag on their own.


Dare we say, a luggage that finally looks sexy!

Remote Locking

How many times have you watched your case disappear into the bowels of a major airport and suddenly realized you forgot to lock it? How often have you practically filled out the insurance claim before you arrived at your destination, fully expecting the less honest baggage handlers to sniff out your bag as hyenas would an injured wildebeest? If the answer is never, then well done. Liar. For the rest of us, the Bluesmart comes with an electric lock which is operated by the companion smartphone app. As well as doing away with the hassle of peering into minuscule plastic windows, trying to decide if that 6 is an 8, the lock will close automatically if the case senses you are no longer nearby. There’s also a TSA approved keyhole, so you don’t get the bag back with a forced lock and a ‘fuck you’ letter from US Customs waiting inside.


10,000 mAh Battery

It’s pointless having the world’s smartest suitcase if the smartphone running the damn thing is out of juice. Not to worry, though, as the manufacturers have included a battery that can recharge an iPhone up to 6 times over without having to undo a zip. Unfortunately, as they haven’t yet cracked the secret of lighter-than-air materials, this adds to the empty weight. So it’s lucky that they have also included…

Built-In Scale

Despite using polycarbonate in the construction, the finished item comes out at a relatively hefty 9.4lbs (4.24kg). For those airlines which still have a carry-on weight limit, this equates to half the packing done before you have thrown in a pair of pants. On those occasions when you have no choice but to check the bag, the built-in scale is there to help avoid unwanted fees. Given that possessions always seem to weigh more on the way home, you can be sure no costly limits have been broken before arriving at the airport.


Location Services

While all the above features are excellent, this is what soulless marketing execs would describe as the case’s unique selling point. Using GPS and a 3G SIM card, the bag knows exactly where it is most of the time and is able to let others know too. It’s even clever enough to know when it’s going flying, and so automatically put itself into airplane mode. In that respect, it is smarter than many passengers. Should you stray too far from your bag, a proximity alert sounds on your phone and the bag’s location is displayed on a map. This is also linked to a travelog so you can keep track of everywhere you have been. Or everywhere the bag has been, at least! On that note, one of the most impressive features, assuming it comes to fruition, is the tie-up with Über. Should an airline misplace the bag in the US, the app will send an Über car to pick it up. The Bluesmart will then be delivered to wherever your door may be at the time. According to the manufacturers, there will be no additional fees for the use of all these location services.


So, there you have it — what appears to be one of the most impressive spinners of all time, although one cannot say for sure until the actual release. It is often the case (no pun intended) that a prototype proves far too expensive for production. In order to make it viable, cutbacks are made on materials, features or services. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen to the Bluesmart. US$399 is a lot of money for a carry-on and charging a premium price for an average product is just going to end in tears.TALENT MANAGEMENTTo be fair, though,  even if it’s only half as good as it looks then it’s still going to be well worth owning. Oh did we mention that this is gonna be such a chick magnet? If nothing else, this alone should be reason for you to grab this.

Just look at those wheels!


You can check them out at

Disclosure: This is a wholly independent review, we are not associated in anyway to bluesmart and all images, branding etc belong to them.TALENT MANAGEMENT

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